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What does Arigato mean in Japanese?
In our language, Arigato means thank you.
What days are you closed?
We are closed 4 days out of the year: Christmas, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving and the day before Thanksgiving. Although we do try our best to stay open, we do close for acclimate weather and power outages.
How long does the whole dining experience take?
Dinner typically takes around an hour and a half to two hours measuring from the time being seated at a table to the time you leave. Please note that this does not include wait time in the lobby area.
Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes we do. At this time, we sell them only at the restaurants. If you want to come in before dinner hours, someone can help you anytime after 3pm.
Do you have a dress code?
Shirts and shoes are required (flip flops are okay). Also for men, we politely decline those wearing tank tops, shirts with excessively cutoff sleeves and sleeveless shirts that hang far below the armpit.
Does any of your food contain MSG?
All of our foods served at the hibachi/teppanyaki tables are MSG free except the following: clear soup, ranch dressing, blue cheese dressing and thousand island dressing. Please ask though at the time of service as items are sometimes substituted. Please ask your server for items prepared by the sushi bar.
How many people can your tables seat?
Our tables are communal tables and we normally seat 8 people per table. For example, a party of 4 may be sat with another party of 4.
I lost something at your restaurant. Would you have it?
We have a lost and found. Please call us to see if we have your item.
Some of the people I'm coming to eat with are frequently late. Can I go ahead and sit without them?
Because of our communal style tables and the chef coming to your table to cook, it is difficult for us to seat partial parties. However, if you can get their order ahead of time and place their order for them, we can seat you.
Do you take reservations?
Yes, we do take reservations - sort of, instead of a traditional reservation system, we use a priority list system so that reservations get seated as soon as tables become available. Please feel free to call us at the location you'd like to make them. However, please understand that, even though we try our best, having reservations for a time slot doesn't necessarily mean immediate seating.
Why can't I call for the current wait times?
We unfortunately don't usually quote wait times over the phone unless we are excessively busy or incredibly slow because we have no way of knowing how many customers will come in ahead of you. Believe it or not, under fairly common circumstances, having just one party of 4 walk in ahead of you can change the wait estimate by 30-45 minutes. Instead, you're more than welcome to make reservations with us for available time slots.
I want to book a large party. How do I go about doing this?
Due to COVID, we currently aren't taking large parties.
Can I reserve a specific table or area?
We don't rent out dining areas, however, if you're more comfortable sitting in certain rooms, please let us know and we'll our best to accommodate.
Do you have take out?
Because of the style of the restaurant, we do not offer take out. We don't even really have a place to cook your food in the kitchen! However, as a service to our guests who are dining with us, we do take to go orders.
What is your service charge policy?
A service charge of 15% will be added to each bill.
Do you allow birthday cakes or other foods?
Unfortunately, we don't allow outside food/drinks to be brought in. This includes birthday cakes and Happy Meals et al for children. Baby food and snacks for toddlers however are always welcome.
What do you do for birthdays?
Your server will bring you a slice of chocolate cake with a candle, and the chefs will come out with a drum to sing the Japanese happiness song ($4.25). Please let either your server or a host/hostess know!
Are your sauces for sale?
Unfortunately, sauces are not for sale at this time.
Can I request a chef or a server?
You are more than welcome to ask at the host stand when you check in with us. We will try our best, but may not be able to honor it depending on various factors.